Raising Capital With FundWiser.

Access by individuals to private markets investment funds used to exist primarily for a very small demographic – the ultra-wealthy. With FundWiser’ state-of-the-art platform and cost-efficient approach to the infrastructure set-up, access an untapped source of capital. FundWiser will aggregate several small cheques from several sophisticated investors into one LP and invest in the ultimate investment vehicle on a single name basis, meetting the investment minimum set forth by the manager. No frills, no hassle for the Fund Manager.


Broaden investor base

Access a neglected and almost fully untapped investor base with knowledgeable of the segment and low demands on fund economics and legal requests.


Simplified fund marketing and reporting

Share key fund information and communicate with your investors through our modern web platform, we will take care of all the infrastructure that allows this to happen ourselves.


Efficient investor tracking and on-boarding

Accept commitments from investors using our fully digitized subscription and regulatory verification process

Raise Capital with FundWiser.

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